1. Hey Jeremy.

    I just noticed your new blog via Facebook. The bike looks cool. All the best with the Africa trip and blogging. I am half way through my PhD Intro, and things are looking promising for a finish, soon.

  2. Nice idea for the trip. Beats the old facebook/bebo alternatives for documenting your trip.

  3. So you’re finally doing it, eh? I hate to break it to you, but I think Ewan McGregor’s beaten you to it… Sounds incredible – keep us up to date!

  4. That hair does make you look like a girl, though.

  5. I’ll sponsor you £100 so long as it doesn’t disappear down your throats in the 3000 odd bars and strip joints between here and Cape Town…. I might be okay if at least 50p of it went on a bar of soap though ; )

  6. WOW! thats a nice Volvo I can see in those photos! I think its the 2000, V40 model, 1.8 litre engine in British Racing Green, but the bike is partially obscuring it so its hard to tell. Any chance of more photos? (without the bike this time).

    Kids, always wear a helmet when riding! (Very few of us are blessed with a head of luxuriant hair with which to cushion your fall)

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