New York and Charity: Water

This being my first blog post I feel I must highlight the fact. It’s actually my first blog post ever. Jeremy has been a bit more prolific in that regard he’s also been instrumental in making our online travel diary notions a reality. Very much appreciated Jez!

We’re going to keep this site updated with photos and stories from our trip as we make progress through it. For now we’re in preparation mode and gearing up for what will surely be the journey of a lifetime. The two of us took a trip to New York recently. We stayed with Chris, a friend of ours, in downtown Manhattan and had a really amazing weekend. Drinking Manhattans in Manhattan was pretty sweet if maybe not a little on the cheesy side but hey they’re a tasty number! It was my first time visiting New York. It’s everything everyone says it is and somehow more. For anyone who’s not been I’d highly recommend it.

While in New York we hooked up with Scott and the folks from Charity: Water. These people help communities in Africa build fresh water wells and teach them how to keep them up and running. They’re helping from a very basic level and doing fantastic work. Water is the source of life after all and without it or a quality supply of it a lot of people are dying unnecessarily. During this ensuing adventure we’re going to try and raise awareness for certain projects in Africa and hopefully do some good for ongoing aid work being carried out there. Together we know quite a few people and hopefully our online presence will get the message out to others.

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  1. On yer Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike! Fair play Keith, encapsulating Rock n’ Roll and charity in one! Really excited for you Monsieur, and remember the Golden Rule- Cover your stump before ya hump! Have a great time lads, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do x x

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