Last day of work!

So Friday was our last day of work, a bitter sweet thing for us both I think as we had worked pretty hard on the project and there was a great bunch of people that we were leaving behind. Still it was also great to be walking out the door knowing that in less than a month we will be on the road to Cape Town… and then who knows what adventures will happen.

For a bit of fun I’ve included parts of my leaving email and some of the funny responses I got from the office after the jump below. Enjoy the laughs at my expense!

From: Jeremy

Subject: Goodbye, Dong ibedi, Ma’uk rae, Totsiens, Khanbiafo, Lok reer apth!!!

As most of you will know, today is my last day on the project before I disappear off into the sunset on my Leave of Absence.

Keith and I will be leaving at the start of January on a trip to travel down to Cape Town and back by motorbike. If you are interested you can track our progress and get more detail on the website that has been setup for this trip.

We are raising money for a couple of charities and it would be really great if you took a moment to sponsor us. They are both really great charities and you can take your pick of which project you fancy raising money for. Our sponsorship page is at though we haven’t been able to set up the justgiving pages yet for you to contribute immediately today – I’ll be sending out a begging email next week once we have these setup.

It’s been a pleasure working with you all on the RC&S project, I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 years on the project as at times it has certainly felt longer! However what has made it for me is the great bunch of people that are here. I will miss most of you and I hope the craic on my next project is just as good.

To all those that are staying here in Reading I would really like to wish you the best of luck as you take the project into the home straight, a part of me actually does wish I could have been here to complete this thing as so much of my time has been invested into this.

Now as you know there have been some big changes in my appearance throughout this time and I thought I would leave you with the entertainment of guessing how I will look after 9 months on the bike in Africa! The best suggested pictures will definitely be posted on the website so get your creative juices flowing.

At the start of RC&S


Now as I leave


After Africa??? (Your pictures here…)


All the best and I hope to be in touch with you all and see you when I get back.


PS If you are interested the languages in the subject are all African languages and all say goodbye, you can check them out here.

As you can guess I got a few good responses, here they are…

From: Garethgrizlyadams.jpg

From: DanSooner or later the hair will fall out and what will be left?


Good luck fella

From: Frank (First salvo)After coming back he can jump right into his new lovely job


From: EstherOr perhaps he will get that job with Loreal that he always wanted:


From: Paul (First pot shot)Of course, don’t rule out a more radical change:


From: FarisI think this would do him the world of good.

I hope you really enjoy it.

All the best



From Paul (Second pot shot!)Too similar to gareth’s for general circulation, but I like the spaced out look in the eyes:


From: Garethbrokeback1.jpg

From: Stevedesert.jpg

Nuff said!!

From: Frank (His seconds salvo)On a serious note, I hope Keith and Jeremy can still remain close friends after this long trip.

Here is a pic of them below from the xmas party.


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  1. Jer,
    I am so glad to hear that this trip is becoming a reality for you. I remember you telling me that you wanted to do this over a year ago… my how time flys. You have stuck to your dream and taken the time to do something that is life changing! Way to go!!! I know that there will be many emotions while you are on this jurney, but you are never never alone and to have a fiend going with you is amazing! You each will be in my prayers and I will enjoy sharring all of the adventures that you experance, the ups and downs with you both… Cheers! Charise

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