We have left Toulouse and are now in Andorra but before moving on many thanks must go to Ann Claire and her Mother for having us and being such great hosts. Thanks also to Vince, Elodie and François for a great dinner and an excellent evening. Elodie and Vince you guys must make London when I get back! I owe ya loads.

While in Toulouse I also had my Scotts steering damper fitted by the folks at KM Racing. This should keep me upright a bit more when off-road. Thanks go to Arnaud and Francois. Great guys!

In Andorra there´s snow on the slopes and as luck would have it heavy snow is wildly falling down. This is the second time I´ve been boarding with Jeremy and last time the weather took exactly the same turn. What can I say? he´s got his faults but the man´s a lucky talisman when it comes to snow. We´ve kitted out with two Burton twin-tipped free-style boards. Jeremy is riding a 164 and I´m on a slightly smaller 159. Mine should be good for a bit a messin around.

Fallen bike score now stands at Keith 6 Jeremy 2.


  1. This blog roll is better than a soap opera, keep it coming. I’m going to kick off an office sweep stake on the final ‘fallen bike’ count. I also wonder how much of the bikes will have been replaced by the end of the trip. Keep on biking lads.

  2. Have a good trip lads.
    Keep posting.

    And Lynchy.. Ok for a catch up in London for all the things you owe me (do you really owe me anything ?)


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