Gibraltar and the end of the European leg

We arrived in Gibraltar after 11 great days on the road. It’s been a a pretty crazy ride down. We’ve ridden in rain, wind, snow and sun. All of which were hard work apart from the sun. Overall a really great experience if not sometimes a tad challenging.

After leaving Andorra we rode to Deltebre national park where we decided to camp. The wind in this area was so strong that we were sometimes leaning at 45 degrees just to keep the bikes straight. It was a hard day fighting against the forces of nature. We then rode from Deltebre to Turre where we camped again before making our way down to Gibraltar. This was by far our best day riding down through Spain. The sun shone and the Spanish coast and geography opened up in all its splendour. It was fabulous riding through twisty mountainous roads from Turre to Carboneras. Later we passed the Sierra Nevada mountains and then Granada and Malaga before hitting the rock of Gibraltar.

We’ve dug our heels into Gibraltar for a few days as there was some bike maintenance to be tended to. My bash plate had almost cracked off and I needed my kick stand fitted. The latter will hopefully decrease the steady but embarrassing increase of the fallen bike score. Jeremy also needed bash plate work. Thanks go to Rob in Car Clinic for fitting us is!

On our second day on the rock we met Nigel, a fellow biker, who has introduced us to his wonderful family and friends, brought us on the road to Ronda with his mates and even had us over for Sunday roast.

The road to Ronda is a very famous mountainous biker route. It’s also the scene of my first ‘real’ accident. I rode around a corner a wee bit faster than I should have and then drifted wide into a stoney embankment. My bike then had the pleasure of meeting a large rock before we were violently separated and I went sailing over the handlebars and through the air. Luckily I landed rather gracefully with a tripple roll. Apart from a sprained thumb and a bruised ego I was fine. The bike wasn’t as fortunate as I. It’s all fixable though and I was able to continue riding on.

When we got back from Ronda Pete, one of Nigels mates and the organiser of the ride, brought us on a tour of the caves and tunnels of Gibraltar. Pete is an MBE and works in the army. The guy is an authority on Gibralter and especially its caves and tunnels. Some even refer to him as the mole. When he’s not on his bike or with his family the guy spends his time underground. Thanks Pete for the private tour. It was awesome!

Tomorrow the real adventure begins. We depart for Morocco. We’ll be sailing from Algeciras to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta sometime in the early morning.

Thanks to all the folks in Gibraltar for making our stay here a very memorable one. Nigel and his family, Pete, Karl, Diesel Dave and Mark. You won’t be forgotten!

Jeremy has uploaded some more pictures to the European Gallery. We’re being kicked out of this internet café so we’ll add the rest when we get to Morocco.


  1. great to have met you both and i wish you all the best on your journey
    have a safe onward journey and as it is a small world we will meet again.

    take care safe riding


  2. Cheers Karl,

    Was wicked to meet you guys too!

    See you guys on the road to Ronda again soon!


  3. Great to have meet you both. Hope things go well for you in Africa. Keith first true crash on the Ronda road, glad he was ok. Many more to come in the sand of the dessert ride well. Ride safe keep a eye for the veggie box drivers!! See you next time round. Nigel

  4. Gareth Davison

    Sounds great so far. Incredible to see how many people from different countries have been viewing this page. Safe travel Jeremy and Keith. /crunch

  5. On Yer Bike!

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