After 2 weeks wheeling around Europe we eventually arrived in Morocco last Tuesday. We crossed the border at Ceuta. The crossing in itself was painless but took a lot more time than we had planned for. Getting lost in Ceuta didn’t help either nor did spending an hour scouring for the KTM dealer located there only to find it closed for siesta.

From Ceuta we had intended to ride down to Fez. The night came upon us faster than expected so we made an unplanned stop in a town called Chechaouene. The town lies on the foothills of the Rif mountains. Apparently this is were the word ‘reefer’ comes from. Rif is pronounced reef in French. These mountains being the primary weed growing location in Morocco we were approached at every turn by locals trying to get us to sample the fruits of the mountains. We’re getting old and boring now so we declined and instead found a great restaurant overlooking the entire square.

Riding through the Rif mountainsBoarding the boat to SutteThe border to Morocco

Morocco has been a bit of a shock. It’s the first time I’ve been put outside of my comfort zone on the trip. Things are really different here. People still farm the land with animals pulling their equipment. The roads in rural areas are dotted with horse and carts. There’s these great little kids who randomly cheer you on as you pass them. It’s kinda like Ireland 20 or 30 years ago. There’s also the poor people trying to make a quick buck out of the rich foreigners. You can’t really blame them.

We’re in Rabat now. The administrative capital of Morocco. We rode here along some really amazing roads. There’s some pics in the Morocco gallery to check out. The reason for coming here was to obtain our Mauritanian visas. We’ve been told we’ll have to wait until tomorrow which is just as well as my clutch died today and we had to spend a couple of hours bleeding it and replacing the clutch fluid. A job neither of us knew how to do before today. The damage probably came from the Ronda accident.

Tomorrow we will try to ride down to Agadir in one go. We’re going to be visiting Rohan, a friend of Jeremy’s. He’s been able to rent a bike and we’ll be attempting to go off-road around the anti-atlas mountains. It should be good fun.


  1. Hello K & J.

    Loving the blog…and connecting like a manic to check for the latest update.

    I ve been there too late though. I would have thought that you would still be exploring northern Morocco.
    In Kenitra (just before Rabbat), I had a friend who is actually a mechanics…I guess that it would have been handy and probably cheaper.
    I ll email his number Keith.

    All the very best to both of you for your trip.

    Keep it up.


  2. Agadir a lads windsurfing and bird watching?? Guess it will be the bikini clad type. Keep them wheels rolling.

  3. Hi Jeremy & Keith,

    Sorry to have missed you in Andorra. As you know Brian got a dose of man flu (known to all woman as the common cold!) – he’ll kill me for saying that, it was actually quite bad. Anyway it looks like you had a great time on the slopes.

    I’ve been checking your progress fairly regularly and can’t wait to see some photo’s from your journey through Africa.

    Take care,


  4. keep on going lads Morocco is a great place and watching your progress 馃檪

  5. hi jer & keith, no blogs and no email in days – did you get kidnapped already?! i wasn’t expecting that until Nigeria or Cameroon! hope you are having fun wherever you are. looking forward to more photos and stories x lyd

  6. Hey keith and Jeremy!

    Are you still alive? Haven脗麓t heard about u for ages??? I脗麓m worried that maybe u r already kidnapped from the gay-bar u went in the last time i heard about u 馃槈

    all the best

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