Rabat and Sponsorship

Just a quick post from Rabat, we arrived this evening after stopping overnight in Chefchaouen last night. We are going to get our Mauritanian visas here tomorrow hopefully! Keith will put another update post on here with some more details of where and what we have seen.

I just wanted to let everyone following this blog know that we are trying to raise a bit of money for a couple of charities to try and make a difference in Africa as well as just have a bit of an adventure in Africa! The sponsorship page is now fully online and you can see links to it on the top and on the right of every page on this site.

There are two charities we are trying to raise money for and we hope to raise a total of around ten grand split across both charities if you all dig deep in your pockets. Unfortunately there is no easy way to sponsor both charities with a single donation so it would be great if you could either split your donation across both or chose the one that is a bit behind the other!

As we are both seeing here in Morocco, your pounds, euro and dollars go a lot further and even a donation of 10 pounds can make a huge difference over here.

The just giving website is secure and it will even claim back the tax if you are a UK taxpayer! So what are you waiting for?

To those who have donated already we want to say a big thanks for your support.

Look for further updates on the site over the next few days as Morocco has an abundance of internet cafes for about 50p an hour – a godsend for two techies without their laptops!


  1. Sounds like they are dying without the lap tops. Withdrawel syptoms?? They could set up a none lap top club.

    Apart from well done on the trip so far. Sounds like fun. Prepare for the sand, bucket and spades at the ready a guys. Who can build the best sand castle Pics would be good!!

  2. keep going lads morocco is a great place to be get to marakech in the medina at night i will be following you all the way.

  3. Valerie Dehaene

    Way to go guys! 🙂 Keep it up….now it’s where it really starts! Laugh a lot, have fun and don’t get discouraged
    🙂 Valerie x

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