Dakar Days

Our Dakar days are coming to a close as we write and we are planning our next adventure already with our departure sometime in the next week via The Gambia to southern Senegal and then on to Mali.

It’s been a real time of rest and relaxation for us here in Dakar, at times in our journey we have just needed to recoup ourselves, take some time out to think and reflect on the journey so far and ponder the future when the journey finally ends and we have to face the real world again. Both of us have read a couple books, journalled a lot and feel more relaxed than when we arrived.

Most of our admin tasks have been taken care of. The bikes are serviced and fixed up and looking clean again after their hard life in the desert. We’ve also managed to sort some visas out for our next leg which we were worried about and our thoughts are turning to the journey once again.

We’ve still got a couple more days in Dakar to go and tomorrow promises to be exciting as we are off to watch an Enduro race with our new found biker friends. We picked up our bikes this evening from the mechanics and we saw their bikes being loaded up for tomorrow. So it’s an early start for us, in fact one of the earliest we have had since we started the trip!

More pictures in our gallery of our time so far in Senegal.

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