Hanging around…

These last few days we have been hanging around in Dakar, a bit longer than planned, because we have been waiting for a courier to deliver Jeremy’s digital camera which was replaced in the UK after it was broken snowboarding in Andorra! What was supposed to arrive on Monday still hasn’t materialised and the courier in the UK can’t tell us where it is yet, except to say that the package is in Senegal! It reminds Keith of that Devlins song “Waiting”.

So we’ve been playing a waiting game, trying to enjoy the extra days and make the most of this buzzing metropolis full of all sorts of human life!

Dakar is a big busy dusty city full of everything that you can imagine. We’ve slowly been getting the hang of the city and a feel for the place. Traffic here has been something else – they’ve decided to work on practically every major road in the entire city simultaneously in an effort to get it ready for an Arab nations conference going on here this week… the only problem is that this is Africa… so none of the roads are ready and it’s utter chaos every day here. We both feel sorry for the locals who have to catch buses and drive their cars here as we sail by on our bikes. The traffic here is so bad that after a one hour bus ride to cover the two kilometers into town we have switched almost exclusively to the bikes – better to be lost for 10 mins than stuck for 50 mins!

We’ve made some good friends here though and the biker guys here have been busy trying to get us to stay for a while longer for a rally they have planned in just over a week’s time. We can’t say we aren’t tempted… but it might throw out any hopes of reaching South Africa in the next couple months!


  1. Happy paddy’s day to you both, hope all’s going well in the mel

  2. Today is the 17th..

    Happy paddy’s day guys !
    Hope you’ve been able to find a place to empty some pints !

  3. May you good luck!It’s really very wonderful!I haven’t been to Africa,but your picturesand experience moved me very much!

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