Today we were lucky to have attended an Enduro race-day run by a local motorcross club based in Dakar. Iba our mechanic hooked us up with Alain and Co. and at 7AM, a shockingly unnatural hour for a Sunday morning, we set off with their crew to a small track located close to the Bandia nature reserve 80 kilometers from Dakar. The day was a complete KTM-Fest with 90% of the bikes being raced sporting the trademark orange and black, suffice to say we fitted in a charm.

Over the course of the day there were two racers who really stood out from the rest. Both were the winners in both their categories.

As the day was being wrapped up and the prizes were being handed out Jez and I both looked at each other and agreed that we could hear the track calling to us. I hadn’t brought my safety gear but the temptation was too great and the calling too strong. We launched ourselves into the track and came away smiling both of us wishing we had lighter bikes.


  1. nice facial hair jer! i can hardly recognise you as my brother – more like a wild arab!

  2. Bon anniversaire Lynchy.

    Keep posting, you really make my day at each post.

  3. Hey Jer,

    I know this will be the last thing on your mind but Congrats on the promotion Mr Executive,


  4. Hello, and how are my two favourite pussycats today?
    I see Jeremy has been lounging on the beach. More pics please!!!!

  5. Also can you arch your back and make like a dragon please? Fierce. Even better, can you do 2 dragons?

  6. Thats the spirt guys take it easy rest those muscles. Buy a razor?? There a thing to do!! Polish the bikes. God lifes a bitch. You luck bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I was with you, Keep up the blogs there great and the pics are super. Enduro on the track you have one big enduro every day. It sounds brill. Keep the rubber side down. Nigel

  7. Happy Birthday Keith !
    Bon courage !

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