We are still alive and well af…

We are still alive and well after a St. Patricks day celebrated in The Gambia!


  1. Hi Jer, glad to see you are back on the road. Look forward to the next post/photos. Your CBR is nestled in Duncans garage at the minute, may get a chance to move it when Lyd and I get a garage… Take care,

  2. ola jer:)

    i tried to send you an mail, it doesnt work out. please send me a word, so i can write you and give you theos adress..


  3. hi there!

    Okayyyyyyyyyyyy! You were still alive when you wrote this, but now???????

    I hope everything is ok with both of you!?

    Take care

  4. hey by the way: happy birthday keith!

  5. Hi there, any updates ?

    Keith your mother’s 50th was a blast Larry and I looked after the sounds, It was a great night!
    Your presence was sorely missed,but i know you were there in spirit. All the lads are in good form.
    I’m going away with Ciara for a few days in July,looking forward to that. Talk soon man.
    Take care and God bless.

    Best regards

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