4 Month Aniversary

Its incredible to think that today is 4 months to the day that we rolled through the rainy streets of London all green and wide-eyed into the big old world! But yes it really is.

We had all sorts of plans and schedules and thought we might be rolling into Cape Town long haired and bearded up sometime this month… well two out of three isn’t too bad is it?

What we’ve learnt so far is that you can’t put a schedule on Africa and make it stick, and if you want to really enjoy it here you need to throw away the schedule and be prepared to meet all sorts of crazy and wonderful people and take some time with them.


So instead we are sitting in Togo getting our bikes serviced in the hope that they will make the next big push for civilisation (Namibia) and that our schedule won’t be too shot up by the next countries in our list (Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville, DRC, Angola, Namibia and South Africa), quite literally in some cases!

We’ve both been busy revising our plans a bit for this year, but we aren’t sad one bit that we are still only this far as Africa has been more than we expected and the people we have met along the way have been the biggest standout – from the most loony and crazy ones to the most sobering sights its been worth every minute so far!

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  1. eunice Hill

    amazing to see what you’re doing Jeremy. MCS is enjoying a climbing wall that I think your family helped acquire with the Andersons. Love you Browns–good to be in touch with lydia these days and met up with Nigel after years in Toronto recently.

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