Fan Milk

We just had to write a wee bit about the amazing Fan Milk ice creams that we have come across here in Ghana!

Picture this in your mind. It’s blazing hot outside and you are a soggy mess after riding all day when you hear a honk honk of a clown’s horn and a guy cycles by on a bike with a big freezer box on the front full of ice creams that cost between 10 and 20 pence a hit!

Can you really blame us for the orgy that follows? I think at times we are hitting between 4 and 5 Fan Milks a day and we have tried the full range of Fan Milks with Fan Choco (frozen chocolate Milk), Fan Ice (Vanilla Ice Cream) and Fan Yogo (frozen strawberry yogurt) among our favorites!

We are now in Togo having our bikes serviced and it was quite a relief for us that they still have Fan Milk here, and we have discovered a new flavor – Fan Extra (frozen strawberry yogurt with extra vitamins!)

As you can see from the pictures we’ve become quite the Fans and have resorted to all sorts of product placement to extol the virtues of our addiction!

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  1. Hey guys, cool fanmilk post! They put drugs in that stuff, I swear. Even these days 6 months down the line we still wake up depraved in cold sweats craving Fanyog, the vanilla one. Hmmm… Fanyog… hmmm… Ha ha, soon the same will happen to you too!

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