Fort Metal Cross

After the chilled moments spent relaxing at the GT lodge the team were lucky enough to be put up at an old colonial fort in Dixcove. 10km’s from the GT lodge. On one of my random missions I bumped into the owner. The order of the day was to locate ‘the secret beach’ and some dry accommodation in nearby Busua. On my way to the secret beach I was introduced to Rob, the owner of the fort. He’s building a restaurant and lodge on a super picturesque beach with the help of Florian, a German biker who also happens to be a roof carpenter.

He’s a dead ringer for Woody Harrelson but sounds more like Arnold Schwarzenegger. We’d met Florian at the GT lodge and he’d told me to drop by where he works and he’d point me in the direction of the elusive beach. While I was there talking to Rob he was kind enough to extend us an invitation to stay at the fort for a couple of nights.

In the Ghana Bradt guide Rob is described as an eccentric Englishman. Frankly they couldn’t be more wrong. Rob is a clever, kind and ambitious kinda guy who’s got both his feet very firmly on the ground. Rob is doing some brilliant work in this little corner of the world. He’s helped the locals of Dixcove and its environs to build several churches, a road linking Dixcove to nearby Busua, and some much needed accommodation. He’s a pragmatist who’s getting good things done and using his own private means to do them. This kind of behaviour is rare but it’s philanthropic; most definitely not eccentric.

Many thanks go out to Rob for his kind hospitality and also to the staff at the fort for their help and generosity.

We’ve uploaded some more pictures to the Ghana gallery. There’s more of the fort, Cape Coast castle, one of the largest forts, and our travels along the Ghanian coastline as we head towards Togo. We’ve also created a Togo gallery with pics of our adventures in Lomé thus far.

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  1. thats kind of Rob,for having giving you that worm reception and great fact dixcove is nice place,i have been there once and wish to be there again some day.
    and i like your pictures.they are really nice.

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