KTM Forever!

There has been a bit of silence around the blog recently, however that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been busy or even that we have just been sunning ourselves on a beach somewhere in Africa! In fact we have been doing a little of both.

Right now the bikes are still in Cameroon taking a bit of a rest while we work on some other projects that have come across our path. In true 2wheels2africa style we have embraced the opportunities that have come our way and as things materialise we will be blogging further, we just don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet!

Our dynamic duo has been split up temporarily as Keith has gone back to the UK for a couple weeks to sort out all of his stuff in storage in London. Here is a picture from him today, still flying the flag for KTM in the back window of his rental car.

Keith flying the KTM Flag even in a car!
Keith flying the KTM Flag even in a car!

Snow is quite a change from Africa and it was a shock for Keith to find he needed a whole new wardrobe to handle the cold! It was a 30 degree Celsius plus difference from boarding the plane in Africa to touching down in London!

Keith flying the KTM Flag even in a car!

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