Slowing Down

As most followers of our blog will have realised, our progress through Africa has been slowing down considerably as we progress further south! From what was originally meant to be a four month jaunt from London to Cape Town followed by an equally rapid return ride up the east coast to the UK has turned into a gentle meander through the west coast of Africa, lingering longer, enjoying the atmosphere, the people, the food and the climate. We often catch ourselves watching on in wonder at some wonderful sight or laughing at some strange event that has happened and we comment to each other that we are so glad we aren’t sat in a cubicle in a large office in the middle of London.

So after taking four months to get to Nigeria last year it took us another seven months to finally leave into Cameroon! Our plan when entering Nigeria was to spend 10 days in what was supposed to be a rough and dangerous country that few travellers took the time to stop in except to buy cheap fuel and to get their next visa, plans went out the door pretty quick when we stumbled on Peter and Lisa from Pandrillus in Calabar! We even had our visas for Cameroon already stamped into our passports and were only visiting them on our last day or two in Nigeria!

The same thing has happened to us here in Cameroon, our initial 2-3 week plan was upset initially with a problem with Keith’s bike when a sensor failed and we had to get a new one sent in from Europe. The extra time in Limbe allowed us to get to know the people and the place a lot better and we really started to love it here. Four months later and we are still here and still have no plans for when we are planning to leave!

If you think all we have been doing here has been going to the beach, learning to surf, meeting people and generally having fun you would be partially right. That is what we have been doing, but there has been a whole lot more going on in the background too. We have actually been pretty busy doing a bunch of other stuff too!

There’s going to be another blog post in a few weeks that will reveal all, needless to say I’m sure you are all going to be slightly surprised (or perhaps not!) at the turn of events that has taken 2wheels2africa to a complete standstill!


  1. aaargh… the suspense… it’s KILLING ME!!!


  2. Richo the Aussie

    “Slowing Down” alright – it’s been nearly two months since you blogged! C’mon slackers, get stuck into it and let us know what you’re up to… PS – Wanna come to Borneo next month?

  3. Ok I am making three guesses… and writing them down… We will see if one of them is right! I’ll let you know once the GREAT REVIL has taken place… so you first! haha-

  4. Jem, ah! you’ve met a woman haven’t you?? What else brings a man to a standstill. Anyway it was good seeing Bat Island – I’m impressed….. Keep the blog going – I’ll be in Africa myself at end of July, in Zambia again. Take Care mate. Jon

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