As we go through the trip we will keep uploading more pictures to this page. For the time being enjoy the pictures we have already added.

  • Jeremy's Bike New
Jeremy's Bike New

Pictures of Jeremy's bike just after I got it.

  • Leaving London Party
Leaving London Party

Our leaving cocktail party in London, the camera came out a bit late though so I'm sorry if you don't see yourself in the pics.

  • European Leg
European Leg

Photos from the European leg of our journey. Sorry we haven´t taken too many - Europe just feels like home so you are less likely to just pull out the camera!

  • Morocco

Pictures from our time in Morocco.


    Mauritania, where civilisation starts to break down a bit, but the adventure starts to pick up!

    • Mauritania

    Out of the Sahara and into West Africa proper, Senegal is the start of our West African leg.

      The Gambia

      It's only a sliver of a country... but it was a real blast because of the people we met there!


        The Gallery makes a welcome return to the trip in Ghana with the arrival of a new camera. Expect blood and gore alongside our usual mix of scenic and fun photos!


          A small sliver of a country, but we had to kick back for a bit here while our bikes get a bit of TLC from Toni Togo, the only KTM dealer in West Africa.


            We went through this wee sliver of a country in a flash... so there aren't many pictures... still enjoy what we took!

            • Senegal

            Nigeria - we were warned... but also surprised by this friendly country with so many different contradictions in evidence. From the bling to the poverty, its the people that stand out.

            • The Gambia
            European Holiday

            Holiday snaps from Europe. Quite a change from Africa!

            • Togo

            Photos from Jeremy's time in Afghanistan.

            • Benin

            Jeremy and Richo's snaps from Yemen, the best ones are all from Richo's SLR and steady hands!

            • Nigeria

            Cameroon snaps from the reunited crew!

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