Not quite keeping the rubber side down

We have a good friend from Gibralter, Nigel, who we met at the beginning of this trip. Nigel, a fellow biker, religiously signs his comments and mails with the guiding line ‘keep the rubber side down!’.

Jeremy, for his part, generally abides though it must be said that Ghana has been something of an exception. The following picture is of an event which took place in Accra, the capital of Ghana. It’s not often you get to see a bike from this angle so we thought we’d share this rare sight with the rest of you.


The question on all your minds now is ‘ What just happened?’. Was Jeremy trying his hand at some evil knievel trickery? or Was there some freak accident? or something completely different…

We’ll post the answer in the comments after some of you take a stab at a guess. The most correct answer gets a years supply of FanMilk! (but you have to come to Africa to get it)